Website Update 4/4/17 – WonderCon


Just a quick post to tell everybody I’m back from Wondercon in Anaheim and to say thanks to all of you who made it a great con for me, especially to all those people who came to my events. I had two panels and a solo event over the course of three days, with signings after them (signings which were almost the full length of the arena away from the meeting rooms.) In spite of that, many hardy souls came to all three events AND the signings, and I really appreciated it.

A few of you said you were afraid I thought you were stalking me, but not only did I not think that, but I was really happy to see you. Every writer’s fear is that no one will show up at their events, and Comicons aren’t exactly a place where science fiction writers are the main event. Most people are there to see the cast of their favorite show or the author of their favorite comics–or to buy a bunch of T-shirts and collectibles. So I was afraid things might be a bit thin on the ground. Happily, that was not the case, and I loved that I got a chance to talk to so many of you for more than a hurried couple of minutes.

(BTW None of you acted ANYTHING like stalkers. Trust me. I have met stalkers.)

Thanks also to Cordelia’s friends, who came and kept me company at one of my signings and to my handlers, who got me to my events on time and steered me efficiently through the crowds.

And many thanks to Michael Cassutt and Michael Toman, who drove down to see me, braving the traffic and the parking so we could have a great dinner together–and who discovered a Starbucks without a horrendous (we’re talking fifty people here) line and showed me where it was. I spent the rest of the entire convention there. THANK YOU, Michaels.

Connie Willis

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